Grammar and Correct Usage Practice Test 1

One of the types of test in the Philippine Civil Service Examinations both Professional and Subprofessional is about grammar and correct usage. In the actual examinations, sentences are divided into phrases and numbered 1 through 5. You will be asked to identify the number of the phrase with incorrect grammar or usage.

In the practice test below, the sentences are shorter than the actual examinations, but the important thing is you should be able to identify the error. We will have compound and complex sentences in later practice tests.

Instructions Identify the word/phrase that makes the sentence incorrect if there are any. If no error is found, write NE.

1. The inventor stood to except the award.

2. Between the three of us, I think I am the slowest runner.

3. There are scarcely no more birds in this city.

4. This fruit contains fewer sugar.

5. I have never seen nothing as beautiful as this city.

6. Place the mirror on the wall to give you an allusion of bigger room.

7. We were lucky we didn’t have typhoon this month. 8.

My favorite vegetable are peas.

9. Either James or John are going to lead the choir in the recital tommorow.

10. The additional supplies that we need to bring are: band aids, cottons, alcohol, and gauze.

11. All the students has finished their report.

12. He was a honorable man.

13. The recently heavy flooding effected the crops of farmers.

14. Emmanuel could of passed the examinations if he had studied hard enough.

15. I believe that were going to have a prosperous new year.

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