Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Test 1

The subject-verb agreement is one of the basic rules in grammar and correct usage. It is important that you master this rule if you want to pass the Civil Service Examination. 

The basic rule in the subject-verb agreement is that a singular subject requires a singular verb and a plural subject requires a plural verb. Of course, to be able to answer correctly, you must be able to identify the subject of the sentence and the verb. As a review, a subject is the noun or pronoun that performs the verb. A verb on the other hand, is a word that shows action. We will have a separate discussion on these topics. For now, just answer the practice test below and see how much do you remember of the subject-verb agreement.

Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Test 1

1. My brother or my sister are arriving tomorrow.

2. Neither Ella nor her friends is available to assist you.

3. Armand, together with his friends, are going on a camping trip tomorrow.

4. Jim and Mike are going to take the Subprofessional Civil Service Examination next month.

5. Each of the boys play piano well.

6. Neither of them are available to meet you at the airport.

7. Ten years are such a long time to wait my love.

8. Five thousand pesos are a high price to pay for a single T-shirt.

9. Fifty percent of the cake have disappeared after just two minutes.

10. Everybody is happy about the result of the examination

11. One-tenth of the people in this city are unemployed.

12. He is one of the men who does the work without complaining.

13. The team are going to practice tomorrow for the final competition

14. The committee are in disagreement whether to use the fund in a feeding program or donate it to a hospital.

15. Nina, as well as his brother and sister, is attending a birthday party.

The answers and explanation to the practice test above can be read here.

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