Exercises on Converting Fractions to Lowest Terms

In the previous post, we learned how to convert fractions to lowest terms. In this post, I have created 15 exercises for you to practice.

Convert the following fractions to lowest terms. In case the fraction is improper, convert it to mixed form. Be sure that the fraction part is in lowest terms.

1. \displaystyle \frac{12}{15}

2. \displaystyle \frac{18}{24}

3. \displaystyle \frac{21}{49}

4. \displaystyle \frac{56}{72}

5. \displaystyle \frac{26}{65}

6. \displaystyle \frac{18}{32}

7. \displaystyle \frac{38}{95}

8. \displaystyle \frac{32}{12}

9. \displaystyle \frac{16}{84}

10. \displaystyle \frac{39}{24}

11. \displaystyle \frac{15}{45}

12. \displaystyle \frac{51}{85}

13. \displaystyle \frac{18}{54}

14. \displaystyle \frac{35}{49}

15. \displaystyle \frac{74}{24}

I will be posting the solutions and answers to these problems in the next article.

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