Practice Test on Dividing Fractions

Divide the following fractions and reduce your answers to lowest terms. Convert all answers that are improper fractions to mixed fractions.

1.) \frac{4}{5} \div \frac{2}{3}.

2.) \frac{2}{7} \div \frac{5}{21}

3.) 8 \div \frac{4}{5}

4.) \frac{3}{5} \div 12

5.) 15 \frac{2}{3}

6.) 3 \frac{2}{5} \div \frac{3}{4}

7.) \frac{3}{4} \div 2 \frac{1}{9}.

8.)7\frac{2}{3} \div 7\frac{1}{2}

9.) \displaystyle \frac{2\frac{3}{5}}{4}

10.) \displaystyle \frac{2 \frac{1}{2}}{\frac{8}{3}}

After answering the problems above, you may check the complete solutions and answers to this Practice Test.

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