Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 2

Vocabulary is one of the main parts of the Civil Service Examination.  In this Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review series of posts, I am going to list the most popular vocabulary words used in examinations and their meaning. I have also written at least one sample sentence for each word.

Commonly Used Words in Examinations

1. abdicate – to give up a throne or right, power, or claim in a formal manner.

Sample Sentence: Edward VIII abdicated his throne to be with the woman he loved.

2. candor – the quality of being frank, sincere, and honest

Sample sentence: Everyone was surprised by the candor of his speech because he usually evades questions.

3. connive – to conspire; to secretly help someone do something dishonest

Sample Sentence: Two thieves connived with a bank employee and robbed the bank before it closed yesterday.

4. eloquent – showing the ability to use the language clearly and effectively

Sample Sentence: Ninoy Aquino’s eloquent and lively speeches was one of the reasons why he always spoke at the end of every event.

5. forsake – to quit or abandon entirely

Sample Sentence: Disability should not be the reason why you should forsake your dreams.

6. inhibit – to restrain or prohibit; to keep someone from doing something

Sample: The presence of CCTV did not inhibit the driver from beating the red light.

7. modicum – small amount or portion

Sample Sentence: He did not even show a modicum of guilt after saying lots of bad things to everyone.

8. nuance – small difference

Sample Sentence: The nuances in our beliefs shouldn’t be a hindrance to keep us united.

9. penchant – a strong liking or inclination

Sample Sentence: I have a penchant for classical music; Pavarotti was one of my favorite classical singers.

10. zenith – the highest point or state

Sample Sentence: The zenith of the human mind is around at age 30. After that, it begins to decline.


Note that I have simplified the meaning of some words above from the references listed below. I have personally created the sample sentences though.

References:,  Merriam Webster

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