Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 4

This is the fourth Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review. This review series consists of the most commonly used words in vocabulary exams both local an international.   I have simplified their meanings and use them in a sentence.  Although you can memorize their meanings,  it is more effective if you use them in a sentence whenever possible and appropriate. Get a notebook and write your sentence or use the comment box below.

1. arid – with very little rain or moisture, extremely dry

In the recent climate change, in some countries, the farmers could not grown anything on the lands that had become arid. In some countries, though, it has been raining and flooding a lot.

2. conformist – a person who complies or follows tradition and usual practices (manners, religion, dress, etc).

Being a conformist is good most of the time. But sometimes you must learn how to take risks.  

3. deleterious – harmful, can cause injury

The rapid increase of factories and cards made the air more deleterious than ever.

4. elucidate – clarify, explain, make clear

Maybe he will elucidate his actions later. Don’t judge him just yet.

5. ephemeral – short lived, lasting for a short time

Sometimes, the ephemeral fame and the lack of investment of movie stars make them poor later in their life. 

6. intrepid – brave, courageous, fearless

Christopher Columbus’ intrepid explorations made him discover America.

7. jeopardy – exposure to harm; danger of injury, loss, death

Nobody ever wins in wars. They just put everyone in jeopardy: even children.

8. prudent – careful, exercising good judgement, cautious

Even though his boss yelled at him, he gave a prudent reply.

9. subtle – not obvious, mysterious, something that requires discernment

My absence during the meeting was a subtle protest to the management’s new implemented rules.

10. tactful – kind, considerate to others, someone who thinks of other people’s feelings

He is a very tactful young man. It’s hard to find such nowadays.

Stay tuned. I am listing more words as soon as possible.

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