Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 5

This is the fifth of the Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Series. This series provides words that are usually used in examinations. Included in this reviewer are the meaning of the words as well as a sample sentence using these words. The complete list of this series can be found in the English page.

 Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 5

1. affable – friendly, easy to talk to

Sample Sentence: He is a very good person, always welcoming, always affable.

2. docile – easily taught, obedient, ready to learn

Sample Sentences

  • I am glad I have found a docile dog.
  • His students are docile and hardworking.

3. enthrall – to captivate or charm, to hold the attention of someone by being exciting or interesting

Sample Sentence: I was entirely enthralled by listening to her song that I lost track of time.

4. fraud – a deception or trickery

Sample Sentence: A lot of people fall into different online fraud and lose a lot of money.

5. lucrative – money making, profitable

Sample Sentence: Online selling has become a lucrative business since the invention of social media websites such as Facebook.

6. reclusive – a person who lives alone and withdrawn from society

Sample Sentence: Some persons become as reclusive as monks. They just do not want others to get in their lives.

7. refurbish –  to make neat or clean, to renovate, to resture

Sample Sentence: I bought this sofa from a second hand furniture shop and refurbished it. It looks like it’s new!

8. shatter – to break something into pieces

  • The glass window shattered after a strong earthquake.
  • Even a fatal illness such as cancer did not shatter his dreams to win the Nobel Prize.

9. sycophant – a person who uses flattery to win favor

Sample Sentence: In our country, some people look at politicians as saviors, others look at them as sycophants.

10.  vindicate – to clear from accusation, blame, or suspicion and the like

Sample Sentence: Through the DNA technology, several prisoners were vindicated for the supposed crimes that they did not commit.

After reading these examples, use them in your own sentences to remember them better.

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