A Summary of the Operations on Fractions Series

Fractions is one of the concepts that you should master if you want to pass the Civil Service Examination. Although fraction seems like a simple context, most of the time it is used in higher mathematics such as algebraic manipulation as well as in problem solving. We have discussed all the operations in fractions, but notice that I first discussed multiplication and division before addition and subtraction. This is because the first two operations are easier. I recommend that you read the series the order that I have written it.

Operations on Fractions Series

  1. A Gentle Introduction to Fractions
  2. How to Get the Least Common Multiple of Numbers
  3. How to Add Fractions ( Practice Test and Solutions  )
  4. How to Multiply Fractions (Practice and Solutions)
  5. How to Divide Fractions (Practice Test and Solutions)
  6. How to Subtract Fractions Part 1 (Practice Test with Solution)

In addition, I am also planning to write 3 to 4 more articles to discuss more complex problems, but not immediately. I will be switching my discussions on decimals and percents and then proceed to Algebra and word problem solving soon. I will also be discussing other types of exams in English.

The next Civil Service Examination is in April 2014. I strongly suggest that you start reviewing now if you are planning to take the test.

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