How to Solve Number Series Tutorials

The “number series” tutorials of PH Civil Service review contains tutorials on methods and strategies used in solving number series problems. As I have mentioned in the teaser of this tutorials, the term “series” is technically wrong: what you are solving are really sequences. Although they maybe similar to many of you, to mathematics majors, they are very different.  In mathematics, series means sequence of sums. I will not go into details about this since this is irrelevant for the review. In this series of tutorials, mathematically, we will use the term “series” and “sequence” interchangeably.

1.) A Teaser on Answering Number Series Questions discusses a brief introduction to number sequence.

2.) How to Solve Number Series Problems Part 1 discusses simple integer, letter, and fraction sequence. 

3.) How to Solve Number Series Problems Part 2 discusses increasing and decreasing integer and fraction sequence.

4.) How to Solve Number Series Problems Part 3 discussing “alternating sequence”* or sequence with alternating signs and terms.

5.) How to Solve Number Series Problems Part 4 discusses special types of sequences such as triangular numbers, square numbers, and Fibonacci sequences.

I might write a part 5 of this series of posts in the future discussing arithmetic and geometric sequences.

*Again, an alternating series in mathematics is different from the one that is discussed here.

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    I need more samples about problem solving in math. Please give me information how to pass during civil service exam!


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