The Solving Number Word Problems Series

Word Problems are difficult to many. The Solving Number Word Problems Series is the first series of detailed tutorials on how to solve various number problems. Here are the posts.

(1) How to Solve Number Problems Mentally

This introduction discusses various strategies used to solve easy number word problems. Before you solve a problem using paper and pencil, you should try to solve it first mentally.

(2) How to Solve Number Problems Part 1 

This part solves the same numbers in (1) but using algebra. The objective of this part is to introduce how to set up equations based on “word phrases.”

(3) How to Solve Number Problems Part 2

This part introduces more problems that are slightly more complicated than in (2). It also introduces “number problems in disguise.”

(4) How to Solve Number Problems Part 3

This part of the series focus on how to solve consecutive numbers. Problem of consecutive numbers are very common in math tests.

(5) How to Solve Number Problems Part 4

This post discusses more complicated problems and also introduces how to set up solutions to number problems with fractions.

What’s more to come?

Maybe, I’ll have one more post for this series in the future. But for now, I will focus on the next topic which is about age problems.

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