Subtraction of Fraction Quiz 1

This is the first quiz in the series of quizzes on subtraction of fractions. If you have forgotten or have not learned subtraction of fractions yet, you can read How to Subtract Fractions, take the practice test, and see if your solutions and answers are correct.

In the quiz below, the answer is revealed after you answer each question. Correct answers are highlighted with green color. In case you made a mistake, your answer will be highlighted red.

[WpProQuiz 8]

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  • Miguel

    April 1, 2020

    Helo. Thank you for makeing this website and it really helps me do my review. Hope you can add more contents and hacks to solve this questions easier in the future.

    By the way, can you please help me solve this question? – “Mary baked a cake for her children. Mary and her children ate half of the cake and 2/5 of the remaining was given to a neighbor. What portion of the cake was left?”

    I am confuse with the word “2/5 of the remaining” because if I understand it correctly, the 2/5 of the remaining pertains to the remaining cake which is 5 slices. If 2/5 is given to the neighbor, does that mean there is 3 slices left which the answer would be 3/10? But I got the wrong answer and the correct one is 1/10. How is that? Please enlighten me, Thanks! 🙂


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