Grammar Quiz 1 – Verb Tenses

Read the sentence carefully and choose the letter of the correct verb tense. You can see the correct answer by clicking the + button after the choices. Good luck.

Grammar Quiz 1 – Verb Tenses

1. The canteen usually _____ 8:00 am on weekdays, but during Monday, it opens 1 hour earlier.

a.) open
b.) opens
c.) is opening
d.) has opened

b. opens

2. Last week, we _____ visitors from the US, but they only stayed for 2 days. 

a.) have
b.) are having
c.) have had
d.) had

d. had

3. There _____ three strong typhoons this year so far and last night was the strongest.
a.) are
b.) were
c.) have been
d.) are going to be

c. have been

4. He sings really well. Probably when he grows up, he _____ a good singer.
a.) is
b.) was
c.) has been
d.) is going to be

d. going to be

5. Please come later. I can’t talk to you now. I ______ a math lesson.
a.) will have
b.) have had
c.) am having
d.) had

c. am having

6. I bought this laptop in March, so now I ____  it for 2 months.

a.) have
b.) had
c.) have had
d.) am having

c. have had

7. Karen is absent today. She is very sick so I don’t think _____ tomorrow.

a.) she has come
b.) she’s going to come
c.) she comes
d.) her coming

b. she’s going to come

8. Last week, I ____ my wallet in a bus.
a.) lose
b.) lost
c.) am losing
d.) have lost

b. lost

9. When I went to Honkong for a holiday, everyday, we _____ in a different hotel.
a.) stay
b.) are staying
c.) stayed
d.) have stayed

c. stayed

10. Abby _____ Jamie for two years since she started studying in the same class last 2012.

a.) knows
b.) has known
c.) is knowing
d.) knew

b. has known

Did you get a perfect score? For more quizzes and practice test, visit the Practice Test page.

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