Grammar Quiz on Irregular Verbs

Choose the irregular verb that completes each sentence. You can see the correct answer by clicking the + button after the choices. Good luck.

Grammar Quiz – Irregular Verbs

1. Anne has _____ a very beautiful portrait.

a.) draw
b.) drawed
c.) drew
d.) drawn

d. drawn

2. Can you pay for me now? I ____ I brought my wallet but I didn’t.

a.) think
b.) thinked
c.) thank
d.) thought 

d. thought

3. Andy ____ a very beautiful poem yesterday for me. It was really romantic.

a.) write
b.) wrote
c.) written
d.) writed

b. wrote

4. It was a long time ago. I hope she has ____ me.

a.) forgive
b.) forgave
c.) forgived
d.) forgiven

d. forgiven

5. Jasmine is very tall now. She has ___ at least 8 centimeters.

a.) grow
b.) grown
c.) grew
d.) growed

b. grown

6. Ara ____ Amy her mathematics books Amy forgot her’s.

a.) lent
b.) lended
c.) lend
d.) lendet

a. lent

7. Carl is a gentleman. He wouldn’t do that. Everybody has ___ him to be a gentleman.

a.) know
b.) knowed
c.) knew
d.) known

d. known

8. You see, I am still here for you. I ___ my promise.

a.) keep
b.) keeped
c.) kept
d.) keept

c. kept

9. I ____ sixty kilometers for two hours this morning because of a traffic accident.
a.) drive
b.) drived
c.) drove
d.) driven

c. drove

10. I feel rejuvenated because I ____ for three hours.

a.) slept
b.) sleep
c.) sleeped
d.) sleept

a. slept

Did you get a perfect score? For more quizzes and practice test, visit the Practice Test page.

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