How to Answer Paragraph Organization Tests Part 3

This is the third part and the conclusion of How to Answer Paragraph Organization Tests Series. In the first part, we have learned how to strategically order random sentences into a coherent paragraph, and, in the second part, we have learned how to make use of the choices in Paragraph Organization questions to increase the chance of getting the correct answer.

In this post, I will share with you a personal strategy, the things I usually do when I answer Paragraph Organization questions. Note, however,  that different strategies work for different persons, so be careful. You should try out the strategy first before using it in actual exams. » Read more

How to Answer Paragraph Organization Tests Part 2

In the previous post, we have discussed in detail some strategies on  how to arrange shuffled sentences into a coherent paragraph. Although I have mentioned in that post that it was not that hard, it appeared to be the opposite. This time, we discuss why is it actually not as hard as you think.

In actual examinations, what makes a Paragraph Organization test a bit easy is the availability of choices. For instance, let us answer the question in the previous post — this time with choices. Use Sample Choices 1 in the table below. » Read more

How to Answer Paragraph Organization Tests Part 1

Paragraph Organization or arranging separate sentences into a coherent paragraph composition is probably one of the most difficult types of test in the Civil Service Examination. In this series, I am going to show that it is actually not that hard.

In this post, I am going to show you how to analyze in details a Paragraph Organization sample question. The task is to arrange the five sentences below in correct order. Please read the sentences thoroughly before you continue.

paragraph organization 2 » Read more

2014 POE and FOE Exam Results and Site Updates

The March 2, 2014 Penology Officer Examination (POE) and Fire Officer Examination) are now available at the website of the Philippine Civil Service organization.

Site Updates

  • It is now possible to ask questions and answer questions at the forum. You can register for free.
  • Our site is now cleaner and easier to navigate.
  • We have now new dedicated pages for Math Word Problems and Videos.

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Number Word Problems Video 1

If you are too busy and you have no time to read, I am giving you the option to watch some important posts in Ph Civil Service on video. Below are the videos of  How to Solve Number Word Problems Part 1 in Taglish. You can see the original problems in the preceding link.

I will be making videos for the the other Word Problems soon, so please keep posted.

» Read more

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