Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns Quiz

Possessive pronouns and adjectives both show ownership. The difference is that possessive pronouns are usually used after the noun (e.g. mine, yours, hers) while possessive adjectives come before it (e.g. my, your, her). Look at the following examples to see the difference.

Possessive Adjective: The red car is her car.

Possessive Pronoun: The red car is hers.

Possessive Adjective/Possessive Pronouns Quiz

Choose the correct possessive pronoun or possessive adjective that completes each sentence. You can see the correct answer by clicking the + button after the choices. Enjoy!

1. I think it is really cold. I’m washing the dishes so please find __ jacket.

a.) I
b.) me
c.) my
d.) mine

c. my

2. Last week, Alyssa and __ husband visited us.

a.) her
b.) hers
c.) his
d.) him

a. her

3. How many students are there in ___ class?

a.) your
b.) yours
c.) you’re
d.) you

a. your

4. Don’t worry about Nico. Uncle is with ___.

a.) his
b.) him
c.) he’s
d.) he

b. him

5. So, you have met Nica. Our cousin Roy is a friend of ___.

a.) him
b.) he
c.) her
d.) hers

d. hers

6. Wait, don’t use that. It’s ___.

a.) I
b.) me
c.) my
d.) mine

d. mine

7. I think the new guy in the class can sing. I have heard ___ voice.

a.) he’s
b.) him
c.) his
d.) he

c. his

8. My friends lost _____ concert tickets.

a.) there
b.) their
c.) they’re
d.) them

b. their

9.  The one with the green gate is ___ house.
a.) is
b.) ours
c.) we
d.) our

d. our

10. How many universities are there in ____ country.

a.) you
b.) yours
c.) you’re
d.) your

d. your

How many did you answer correctly? For more quizzes and practice test, visit the Practice Test page.

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