Strategies in Answering Paragraph Organization Tests

This is the summary of the last three posts about answering paragraph organization tests.

The first part discusses strategies on how to order random sentences into a coherent paragraph. The sentences that can easily be seen in terms of order is the first sentence which usually introduces the topic and the last sentences which is the conclusion. As for the second sentence, it usually explains, supports, or elucidates the first sentence.

paragraph organization

The second part discusses what makes paragraph organization easy. Although in the first part, ordering the sentence are somewhat difficult, this is complemented by the available choices. Reading all the sentences and looking at the options will likely narrow the choices for the correct answer. This gives you a higher probability of getting the correct answer.

The third part concludes the advantages of paragraph organization over other multiple choice questions. Knowing the beginning of the paragraph, which is likely to happen, reduces the chance of getting the wrong answer. In this part, I have also given some personal tips on how I answer questions. Note that these tips are based on my own experience and may or may NOT work with others. There is no harm in trying though, but you have to practice it first before using in actual examinations.

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