Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 3

By | June 24, 2014

After answering Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 1 and Quiz 2, let me continue the series with the quiz below. Some of the answers below have brief explanations. Some of the answers that can you can easily look up at a dictionary are not explained.

Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 3

1. Many anime nowadays are not good for children because of their violence.  I think Disney movies are more _____ for them.

a.) suitable
b.) suited
c.) unsuitable
d.) suitless 

a. suitable (suitable means appropriate)

2. Your mother is gone. If she were alive, I think she would love to see you ______ the truth and move on.

a.) accept
b.) except
c.) acceptance
d.) exception

a. accept 

3. I think _____ made him a snobbish person.

a.) successfulness
b.) successful
c.) succeed
d.) success

d. success

4. I couldn’t focus listening to the speaker’s lecture yesterday. The person beside me was thinking ____ while taking down notes.

a.) aloud
b.) loud
c.) allowed
d.) loudly

a. aloud (thinking aloud is the phrase use for speaking one’s thoughts

5. You cannot leave the company until next month. They could sue you for ____ of contract.

a.) breach
b.) breech
c.) break
d.) breaking


6. I think she sings ______.

a.) beauty
b.) beautiful
c.) beautifully
d.) beautiness

c. beautifully (adverb describing sing)

7.  You look too exhausted. If I ____ you, I’ll go for a holiday vacation.

a.) am
b.) was
c.) were
d.) be

c. were (“If I were” is used to make a statement that is contrary to fact.)

8. Melissa, ____ true that the president of our company is leaving?

a.) it is
b.) is
c.) isn’t
d.) is it

d. is it

9.  Did you ____ up with your boyfriend again? That’s twice in a month. That’s not right.
a.) break
b.) brake
c.) broke
d.) broken

a. break

When you use did, the verb (break) should be in present tense. Brake is a device that inhibits motion (e.g. in cars).

10. The news is that the supposed ____ killer escaped from prison yesterday.

a.) serial
b.) serious
c.) cereal
d.) surreal

a. serial (serial comes from the word series)

Did you like the quiz? Did you perform well? For more quizzes and practice test, visit the Practice Test page.

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