Grammar Quiz – Any, Every, Some, None

Any, every, some, none are some of the words that can be compounded with other words to form pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs. They can be easily confused with each other. Take the quiz below and see how you understand these words. The answer key can be seen by clicking the red + button after the choices.  Good luck!

Grammar Quiz –  Any, Every, Some, None

1. There’s _____ you can do. I’ve made up my mind already.

a.) anything
b.) everything
c.) something
d.) nothing 

[toggle title=”Answer”]d. nothing[/toggle]

2. I have searched the entire house for my phone. But it’s ____ to be found.

a.) anywhere
b.) nowhere
c.) everywhere
d.) somewhere

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. nowhere[/toggle]

3. If you can choose ___  gadget, just one gadget, what would you like to buy?

a.) every
b.) any
c.) some
d.) no

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. any[/toggle]

4. Welcome to our coffee shop. What can I get you? Uhm, we would like to have coffee and _____ cake.

a.) any
b.) every
c.) some
d.) no

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. some[/toggle]

5. I’m giving up on this course. It’s too much me. I can’t understand the lectures ___ more.

a.) no
b.) some
c.) every
d.) any
[toggle title=”Answer”]d. any[/toggle]

6. I’m pretty sure I left my wallet ____ here.

a.) somewhere
b.) anywhere
c.) nowhere
d.) everywhere

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. somewhere[/toggle]

7. Gina is a Harry Potter die hard fan. She’ll probably answer ____ question you ask her correctly the movies and even the books.

a.) any
b.) every
c.) no
d.) some

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. any or b. every[/toggle]

8. ___ guy just took my bicycle and rode off with it.

a.) Any
b.) Some
c.) Every
d.) None
[toggle title=”Answer”]b. some[/toggle]

9.  The room is empty. Where is _____?
a.) anybody
b.) somebody
c.) everybody
d.) nobody

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. everybody[/toggle]

10. I don’t know _____ about mathematics, so I can’t help you with your homework.

a.) nothing
b.) anything
c.) everything
d.) something

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. anything[/toggle]

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