Grammar Quiz – There, Their, and They’re

There is used for naming a place, a thing, or the existence of something.

* There‘s food on the table.
* I have been there twice.

Their is used to show possession.

* That is their car.
* Their store is located near a mall.

They’re is a contraction of they are.

* I hope they’re safe. (I hope they are safe).
* They’re not attending the party. (They are not attending the party).

One effective strategy to test there, their, and they’re is to replace them with here, our, and we are, respectively. You will see that if you replace them with these phrases, they still sound like a correct sentence.

* I’ve been there twice. Ive been here twice. (Correct)
* That is their car. That is our car. (Correct)
* I hope they’re safe. I hope we are safe. (Correct)

If the sentence doesn’t sound right, then, you know that it is not correct. Again, this works most of the time, but not all the time.

Grammar Quiz – There, Their, and They’re

Fill in the blanks with there, their, and they’re.

1.Please show the guests to ____ rooms.

[toggle title=”Answer”]their[/toggle]

2. I think _____ one of the best boy bands I have ever heard.

[toggle title=”Answer”]they’re[/toggle]

3. How many women are ____ in your class?

[toggle title=”Answer”]there[/toggle]

4. Don’t worry about bringing food. _____ is a party. You can eat all you want there.

[toggle title=”Answer”]There[/toggle]

5. So far, ___ the only group of families who had been found alive after the flood.

[toggle title=”Answer”]they’re[/toggle]

6. Just place your things ____.

[toggle title=”Answer”]there[/toggle]

7. I went to the Rivera family’s house in Bicol.  ____ house is really really big.

[toggle title=”Answer”]Their[/toggle]

8. I can’t believe my friends lost _____ concert tickets.

[toggle title=”Answer”]their[/toggle]

9.  The one with the green gate is ___ school.

[toggle title=”Answer”]their[/toggle]

10. How many universities are ___ in your country?

[toggle title=”Answer”]there[/toggle]

How many did you answer correctly? For more quizzes and practice test, visit the Practice Test page.

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