Grammar Quiz – Past, Present, Future Tenses

English is more than 50% of the coverage of the Civil Service Exams. Most of the exam types are about grammar and correct usage. It is important that you master basic grammar in order to increase  your chance of passing the exam.

Below is a review of your knowledge of past, present, and future tenses.  We will be discussing verb tenses in detail in the near future, but you can try your stock knowledge for now. Good luck!

Grammar Quiz – Past, Present, Future Tenses

1. Tomorrow evening, I think Gemma is _____ a birthday party.

a.) attend
b.) will attending
c.) is going to attend
d.) has attended 

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. is going to attend[/toggle]

2. This morning, I ____ three cups of rice for breakfast. That’s why I am not yet hungry.

a.) have
b.) had
c.) have had
d.) will have

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. have had (present perfect)[/toggle]

3. Most days, Gary ___ at the office a minute before office hours starts.

a.) arrives
b.) will arrive
c.) arrived
d.) was arriving

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. arrives[/toggle]

4. Last Thursday, we ___ a meeting, and then we ate dinner together.

a.) have
b.) had
c.) have had
d.) were having

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. had (use had in an event that is past before another past)[/toggle]

5. Nica ____ Mila for two weeks since she joined the team.

a.) know
b.) knew
c.) has known
d.) have known
[toggle title=”Answer”]c. has known[/toggle]

6. Next week, I ____ to the cinema to watch my favorite love story.

a.) am going
b.) is going
c.) will going
d.) went

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. am going[/toggle]

7. This evening, we ______ a pizza party.

a.) have
b.) are having
c.) are going to have
d.) will have

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. are going to have[/toggle]

8. New office workers _____ by the company in three weeks. I think you should apply

a.) are hired
b.) will be hired
c.) are being hired
d.) was being hired
[toggle title=”Answer”]b. will be hired[/toggle]

9.  I don’t think we ____ to have more rain today. The sun is up and there are no clouds.
a.) are having
b.) will having
c.) have
d.) are going to have

[toggle title=”Answer”]d. are going to have[/toggle]

10. Jay and Amy ____ to South Korea now.

a.) go
b.) goes
c.) are going
d.) will go

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. are going[/toggle]

Did you do well? For more quizzes and practice test, visit the Practice Test page.

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