Rectangle Area Quiz

This is the conclusion of the Solving Problems on Rectangle Area Series. In the first part, we have discussed the intuition basics of rectangle area formula and solved basic problems about it. In the second part, we have solved more complicated rectangle area problems. In this post, you are allowed to test what you have learned in the previous parts of the series.

Ideal Time Limit: 15 minutes

Rectangle Area Quiz 

1. The length of a rectangle is 8 cm and its width is 7 cm. What is its area? 

[toggle title=”Answer”]56 sq cm[/toggle]

2. Fill in the blank: A rectangular pool has area 180 square meters. Its dimensions are 12m by ___ m.

[toggle title=”Answer”]15m [/toggle]

3. The bottom of a rectangular pool is 18m by 25m is to be covered with 50 cm by 50 cm tiles. How many tiles are needed to combined the bottom of the pool?

[toggle title=”Answer”]1800 tiles [/toggle]

4. The length of a rectangular rose garden is 40 meters. Its area is 1020 square metes. What is its width?

[toggle title=”Answer”]25.5 meters[/toggle]

5. What is the area of the figure below?

rectangle quiz

[toggle title=”Answer”]548 square units[/toggle]

6. The length of a rectangle is 5 cm more than its width. Its perimeter is 26 cm. What is its area?

[toggle title=”Answer”]36 sq cm[/toggle]

7. Anna wants to frame her picture with a 1 inch margin on its side.  If her picture is 12 inches by 15 inches, what is the area of the frame?

[toggle title=”Answer”]238 sq in [/toggle]

8. Fill in the blanks: A theater stage is covered with with 187 tiles with no tiles cut. The dimensions of the stage in terms of tiles are ____ by ____ tiles.

[toggle title=”Answer”]11 by 17[/toggle]

9.  What is the area of a rectangle with length 8.5 cm and width 4.5 cm?

[toggle title=”Answer”]38.25 [/toggle]

10. What is the least dimensions of a gift wrapper that can cover a box measuring 6 cm by 8 cm by 10cm?

[toggle title=”Answer”]376 sq cm[/toggle]

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