Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 6

It seems that everybody enjoyed the previous grammar quizzes, so I plan to create a few more. Below is the sixth of the Grammar Quiz Series.

Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 6

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.

1. The coffee is sweet. I think you put too ___ sugar.

a.) many
b.) much
c.) more
d.) excessive

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. much (many is used for nouns that you can count)[/toggle]

2. The princess wanted to leave the palace, but the king wouldn’t let her go. So, she escaped in ____ wearing a guard’s armor. 

a.) disgrace
b.) disguise
c.) disgust
d.) guise

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. disguise ( disguise means to give (someone or oneself) a different appearance in order to conceal one’s identity) [/toggle]

3. ___ I arrived earlier, I would have passed the exam.

a.) Have
b.) When
c.) Had
d.) Has

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. Had [/toggle]

4. You are  a bit far. Can you ____ me?

a.) listen
b.) listening
c.) hear
d.) hearing

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. hear[/toggle]

5.  It’s hard to ____ accurate information from a man who was trained to lie.

a.) elicit
b.) illicit
c.) solicit
d.) associate
[toggle title=”Answer”]a. elicit (elicit means to draw out, illicit means illegal) [/toggle]

6. Anna: I found ___ key under the table.

Barry: No, ___ not mine.

a.) your, its
b.) your, it’s
c.) you’re, its
d.) you’re, it’s

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. your, it’s

You’re means “you are,” so it is not correct . It’s mean “it is.” As such, “It’s not mine” means “it is not mine.” [/toggle]

7. After sensing the danger was ______, we went out of the house immediately.

a.) imminent
b.) eminent
c.) immanent
d.) iminent

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. imminent (ready to take place, likely to happen very soon) [/toggle]

8. When I was young, I _____ sing classical music.

a.) use to
b.) use too
c.) used to
d.) used too
[toggle title=”Answer”]c. used to[/toggle]

9. Kathy, together with her cousin, ___ going to Paris next month.

a.) is
b.) are
c.) was
d.) were

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. is

Phrases such as together with, as well as, along with, etc. usually modifies the subject (in this case Kathy) but does not function like “and”. Kathy, is the subject, and the time is in the future (next month) so the verb must be is. [/toggle]

10. I have read the ____ of our History textbook and it was really interesting. I think I am going to read the book from cover to cover.

a.) foreword
b.) foreward
c.) four word
d.) fourward

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. foreword (a foreword is an introduction to a book)[/toggle]

Now, what’s your score this time?

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  • Luchell

    March 18, 2019

    How will i know the answer?

    • Shane

      March 4, 2020

      Just click the “+”button shown below the choices.


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