Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 7

This is the seventh part of the Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz Series.

Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 7

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.

1. The group insisted on an investigation of ___ member’s dismissal and threatened to sue the company.

a.) its
b.) their
c.) there
d.) it’s

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. its (group is a singular noun)[/toggle]

2. People with _____ problems are likely to have a more positive outlook in life.

a.) less
b.) fewer
c.) more
d.) without 

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. fewer (fewer is used for countable items, less for uncountable) [/toggle]

3. I can accompany you tomorrow ___ Tuesday — you choose..

a.) if
b.) and
c.) but
d.) or

[toggle title=”Answer”]d. or (you are to choose between tomorrow and Tuesday) [/toggle]

4. I am sorry but I have ___ idea what you are talking about?

a.) don’t
b.) doesn’t
c.) no
d.) not

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. no[/toggle]

5. This time next Tuesday, some people in this group _______ to Paris.

a.) will travel
b.) will be traveling
c.) will traveling
d.) traveling
[toggle title=”Answer”]b. will be traveling [/toggle]

6. The panel has chosen Kyle to represent the company. He is the _____  _____ the two candidates.

a.) better, between
b.) better, among
c.) best, between
d.) best, among

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. better, between

Better is used to compare two persons/things, and best is used to compare three or more persons/things. Between is used in comparing two or more persons/things, while among is used in comparing three or more persons/things.


7. Guys, have a piece of cake. I baked them _____.

a.) my own
b.) myself
c.) mine
d.) my way

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. myself[/toggle]

8. He’s ___ young to travel on his own. Accompany him.

a.) so
b.) too
c.) very
d.) such
[toggle title=”Answer”]b. too[/toggle]

9. When Anna took the Civil Service Exam, she ________ in the government form 5 years already.

a.) worked
b.) is working
c.) had been working
d.) was working

[toggle title=”Answer”] c. had been working (past perfect continuous) [/toggle]

10. If you have difficulty in ______ the questions in English, there’s a Filipino translation at the back of the page.

a.) answer
b.) answering
c.) to answer
d.) to answering

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. answering[/toggle]

More quizzes to come.

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