Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 7

This is the seventh part of the Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz Series.

Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 7

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.

1. The group insisted on an investigation of ___ member’s dismissal and threatened to sue the company.

a.) its
b.) their
c.) there
d.) it’s

a. its (group is a singular noun)

2. People with _____ problems are likely to have a more positive outlook in life.

a.) less
b.) fewer
c.) more
d.) without 

b. fewer (fewer is used for countable items, less for uncountable)

3. I can accompany you tomorrow ___ Tuesday — you choose..

a.) if
b.) and
c.) but
d.) or

d. or (you are to choose between tomorrow and Tuesday) 

4. I am sorry but I have ___ idea what you are talking about?

a.) don’t
b.) doesn’t
c.) no
d.) not

c. no

5. This time next Tuesday, some people in this group _______ to Paris.

a.) will travel
b.) will be traveling
c.) will traveling
d.) traveling

b. will be traveling

6. The panel has chosen Kyle to represent the company. He is the _____  _____ the two candidates.

a.) better, between
b.) better, among
c.) best, between
d.) best, among

a. better, between

Better is used to compare two persons/things, and best is used to compare three or more persons/things. Between is used in comparing two or more persons/things, while among is used in comparing three or more persons/things.

7. Guys, have a piece of cake. I baked them _____.

a.) my own
b.) myself
c.) mine
d.) my way

b. myself

8. He’s ___ young to travel on his own. Accompany him.

a.) so
b.) too
c.) very
d.) such

b. too

9. When Anna took the Civil Service Exam, she ________ in the government form 5 years already.

a.) worked
b.) is working
c.) had been working
d.) was working

c. had been working (past perfect continuous) 

10. If you have difficulty in ______ the questions in English, there’s a Filipino translation at the back of the page.

a.) answer
b.) answering
c.) to answer
d.) to answering

b. answering

More quizzes to come.

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