Greatest Common Factor Quiz

After learning How to Get the Greatest Common Factor of Two Numbers, let’s have a quiz! The greatest common factor is used to reduce a fraction to lowest terms, so I included such items on the quiz below.

To reduce a fraction to lowest terms, get the greatest common factor of the numerator and the denominator, and then divide

Greatest Common Factor Quiz

Part 1: Get the greatest common factor of the following numbers.

1.) 12 and 15
[toggle title=”Answer”]3[/toggle]

2.) 18 and 28 
[toggle title=”Answer”]2[/toggle]

3.) 36 and 45
[toggle title=”Answer”]9[/toggle]

4.) 56 and 72
[toggle title=”Answer”]8[/toggle]

5.) 26 and 65
[toggle title=”Answer”]13[/toggle]

6.) 8, 12, and 64
[toggle title=”Answer”]4[/toggle]

7.) 30, 45, and 54

[toggle title=”Answer”]3[/toggle]

8.) 10 and 31
[toggle title=”Answer”]1[/toggle]

Part 2: Reduce the following fractions to lowest terms.

9.) \frac{21}{42}
[toggle title=”Answer”]1/2[/toggle]

10.) \frac{8}{24}
[toggle title=”Answer”]1/3[/toggle]

11.) \frac{13}{65}
[toggle title=”Answer”]1/5[/toggle]

12.) \frac{48}{56}
[toggle title=”Answer”]6/7[/toggle]

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