When to Use the Personal Pronouns I and Me

By | July 23, 2014

When do we use the personal pronouns I or me?

We use the word “I” when the pronoun is the subject of the verb. Meanwhile, we use the “me” if we are referring to the object of the verb.

Quick and dirty tip!

If you are confused, try to temporarily take out the other subject and read out loud. If it sounds nice, then it should be the correct one.

Example: (I, me) will go to Dumaguete with Jhody.

1. I will go to will go to Dumaguete with Jhody.
2. Me will go to Dumaguete with Jhody. 


1. Joy and (I, me) went out for lunch.
2. (I, me) will go with Richard.
3. That is for (I, me), thank you very much!
4. Stephen and (I, me) are going to see the latest installment of the Transformers later.
5. Do you have anything for (I, me)?
6. Raymond and (I, me) love strawberries.
7. It’s you and (I, me) against the world, baby!
8. Sometimes my husband drives (I, me) crazy.
9. Those apples over there at the counter are for you and (I, me).
10. (I, me) beg to differ!


1. I
2. I
3. Me
4. I
5. Me
6. I
7. Me
8. Me
9. Me
10. I

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