Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 8

This is the 8th part of the Grammar and Correct Usage series for the Civil Service Examination. Enjoy and have fun learning.

Fill in the blank spaces in the following sentences with the most appropriate word (s).

1. If we had gone to bed early last night, we _______rested enough.
a. would have
b. should have
c. could have

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. would have[/toggle]

2. If I ________the recruiting officer, I would not take bribes.
a. am
b. was
c. were 
[toggle title=”Answer”]c. were[/toggle]

3. Everyone of the students now ________a role to play in keeping the school compound clean.
a. has
b. have
c. had
[toggle title=”Answer”]a. has (The everyone takes singular verb has) [/toggle]

4. Who _______a fire outside my house?
a. light
b. lighted
c. lit
[toggle title=”Answer”]c. lit[/toggle]

5. Since the introduction of community policing in our estates ______of theft have reduced.
a. incidence
b. incident
c. incidents
[toggle title=”Answer”]c. incidents[/toggle]

6. An elephant looks after _______ calf.

a. it’s
b. its
c. their
[toggle title=”Answer”]b. its[/toggle]

7. A professor should give his students opportunities to ______ their skills

a. develop
b. develops
c. developed

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. develop [/toggle]

8. My sister _____ appointed chairman of the Water Project Committee last week.

a. is
b. was
c. were
[toggle title=”Answer”]b. was[/toggle]

9. The firemen took a long time to arrive at the ____ of the accident.
a. scene
b. seen
c. sin

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. scene[/toggle]
10. Had I come earlier, I _____ passed the exam.

a. will have
b. would have
c. could have

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. would have[/toggle]

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