How to Read and Explore PH Civil Service Reviewer Effectively

Although there are many topics that I have not discussed yet, I have been repeatedly receiving requests for topics that are already in this blog. Currently, I am trying to update the pages which contains the list of topics by categories. My apologies but my schedule is a bit tight for the next few months.

Anyway, if you want to see if the topic that you are looking for is already in this blog, you can do the following:

1.) Explore the Pages

ph civil servicer reviewerAs of now, not all posts are listed on the pages, but I am slowly updating them.

2.) Visit the Post List page

The Post List page contains the complete list of posts by month.

3.) Use the Search box

There is a search button located at the side bar on the upper left part of the page.

4.) Use the Categories Widget

Use the Categories widget at the sidebar to look for the major categories of this blog.

5.) Use the Subscribe by Email box

Below the Search Box is the email subscription box. You can use this to receive notification every time a new article is posted.

Thank you very much for your reading Philippine Civil Service Reviewer (PCSR). Don’t worry, I have noted all your requests and will be writing about them soon.

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