Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 11

This is the eleventh part of the Civil Service Vocabulary Review series of Ph Civil Service Reviewer. In this series, we discuss the words that commonly appear in English vocabulary examinations. The other parts of this series can be found in this blog’s English page.

Most of the meanings of the words below were taken from and Merriam Webster. I have simplified some of them for ease of reading.

Vocabulary Review for the Civil Service Exam

1. appease – to ease, to calm, to satisfy

To appease the angry passengers due to a 5-hour flight delay, the airline gave them free meals.

2. coerce – to force someone to do something by threat, intimidation, or authority

He was just coerced to sign the document, so the court did not honor the document as evidence.

3. confidante – somebody entrusted with secrets

Jean is my only confidante. She is the only one who understands my problems.

4. demure – shy, modest, reserved

She was not chosen by the panel because she was so demure during the interview. She didn’t look confident.

5. erudite – characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly

After one audience asked an interesting question, the speaker gave a 10-minute erudite lecture about it.

6. fabricate – to make or build; to fake or forge

The parts of many products are fabricated in first world countries but they are usually assembled in developing countries.
They try to fabricate a story in order to sell their magazine.

7. jubilant – showing great happiness, joy, or triumph

The jubilant coach ran around and shout loudly after his team won the championship game.

8. nadir – lowest point, point of greatest adversity or despair

The nadir of his career was the time when he was caught having an affair with his cousin.

9. parody – a piece of writing, music, etc. that imitates someone else in a funny or an amusing way

The students made a parody of how their teacher teach in a play.

10. vex – to annoy or irritate

My boyfriend keep on vexing me about getting married. I’m too young for that!

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