The Solving Work Problems Series

Work problems involves two or more persons or machines doing a particular task. In this type of problems, the rates of the persons or machines are usually given and the amount of time needed to complete a task is usually asked. Below are the posts that discuss in details these types of problems.

How to Solve Work Problems Part 1 discusses the details of the basic concepts like how the equations are formed and why the equations are equated to 1.

How to Solve Work Problems Part 2 discusses basic examples of work problems. It discusses how two hoses can fill a pool when they are opened simultaneously. It also discusses how a person can do a task alone given the rate of two persons working together.

How to Solve Work Problems Part 3 discusses two persons who worked together and after a while, the other person stopped. It also discusses the problem about how many hours a pool is filled if both the inlet and outlet pipes are open.

The Solving Work Problems Series is one of the series of Math Word Problem Series in Algebra of Ph Civil Service Exam Reviewer.

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