Practice Quiz on Dividing Decimals

In the previous post, I have posted a quiz on multiplying decimals, let’s see what you know so far on dividing decimals.

If you have forgotten how to divide decimals, kindly read How to Divide Fractions of the Operations on Decimals Tutorial Series.

Practice Quiz on Dividing Decimals

Solve each problem and click the + sign to check your answer.

1. \displaystyle \frac{10}{0.5}
[toggle title=”Answer”]20 [/toggle]

2. \displaystyle \frac{0.8}{0.4}
[toggle title=”Answer”]2[/toggle] 

3.) \displaystyle \frac{0.12}{0.3}
[toggle title=”Answer”]0.4[/toggle]

4.) \displaystyle \frac{0.6}{0.3}
[toggle title=”Answer”]2[/toggle]

5.) \displaystyle \frac{12}{0.3}
[toggle title=”Answer”]40[/toggle]

6.) \displaystyle \frac{4.8}{1.2}
[toggle title=”Answer”]4[/toggle]

7.) \displaystyle \frac{6}{0.12}
[toggle title=”Answer”]50[/toggle]

8.) \displaystyle \frac{5.2}{0.013}
[toggle title=”Answer”]400[/toggle]

9.) \displaystyle \frac{0.86}{4.3}
[toggle title=”Answer”]0.2[/toggle]

10.) \displaystyle \frac{15}{0.3}
[toggle title=”Answer”]

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