The Difference Between ITS and IT’S

ITS is the contracted possessive form that modifies or describes the subject of the sentence.

Sample sentence:
She will talk to you about its natural habitat in a few minutes.

IT’S is simply a contracted form of “it is” and is used as a helping verb; it is used to show ownership or possession of specific qualities.

Sample sentence:
It’s only proper to greet older people with a smile.

There is no such word as ITS’.

Practice Test: ITS or IT’S

1.) The ostrich is also known for (its, it’s) inability to fly.

2.) Do you think (its, it’s) going to be easy?

3.) (Its, It’s) outstanding qualities give competing cars a run for their money.

4.) I think (its, it’s) going to rain.

5.) This pillow is too big for (its, it’s) case.

Short answer key: (1) its, (2) it’s, (3) its (4) it’s (5) its.

For more exercises about its and it’s, take this grammar quiz.

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