How to Convert Decimal Numbers to Percent

Conversions of decimals, fractions, and percent is a very important basic skill in mathematics and many problems in the Civil Exams require this skill. Being able to convert from one form to another will help you speed up in calculations.   For example, instead of multiplying a number by 25%, you just have to get its 1/4 or simply divide it by 4.

Percent usually appears in discount and interest problems while fractions and decimals appear in various types of problems.

How to Convert Decimals to Percent

To convert decimal percent, you just have to multiply the decimal by 100.

Example 1

What is 0.25 in percent?


0.25 × 100 = 25

So, the answer is 25%.

Example 2

What is 0.08 in percent?

0.08 × 100 = 8

Therefore, the answer is 8%.

Of course, there are cases that the given is more than one such as the next example

Example 3

What is 1.8 in percent?


1.8 × 100 = 180

Therefore, the answer is 180%.

Example 4

What is 0.009 in percent?


0.009× 100 = 0.9%

Notice that some percent can also have decimal point such as shown in Example 4. In dealing with many decimals, if we multiply them with 100, we just move two decimal places to the right.

In the next post, we are going to discuss the other way around. That is, how to convert, percent to decimals.

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