Grammar Tutorial: Future Perfect Progressive Tense

Future perfect progressive is used to state an action that is perceived to be continuously happening when a certain time comes.

Form: will have been + present participle

1. By this afternoon, the teachers will have been arriving to attend the meeting.
2. Few months from now, politicians will have been preparing for the forthcoming national election.

Write the correct future perfect progressive form of the given verb inside the parentheses.

1. By tomorrow, the patient (recover) from the trauma.

2. Four years from now, my friend (complete) her papers to Australia.

3. By the next decades, scientists (explore) different planets.

4. A few weeks from now, teachers (train) for the K12 seminar for this coming school year.

5. By tomorrow, Myrna (visit) her sick mother for a long time.

1. Will have been recovering
This means that before tomorrow ends the patient already recovered from trauma.

2. will have been completing
The idea here is that before the four Years of preparation ends my friend already completed all papers document for Australia.

3. Will have been exploring
This sentence tells us that in the coming decades scientists will try exploring different planets.

4. will have been training

In this particular sentence, it gives us a picture of the teachers in the k12 seminar which will last for a certain week starting today.

5. Will have been visiting
This means that before the day tomorrow ends Myrna already came to visit her ailing mother for a long time.

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