3 Mistakes Done Before or During the Civil Service Exam Day

During the Civil Service Exam day, it is important to be prepared, but what is more important is not to get late. The most important goal during the day of the examination is to arrive at the venue ahead of time. In this article, we learn from mistakes done by previous examinees. Please keep them in mind.

1. They sleep very late.

Some examinees usually sleep very late the night before the Civil Service Examination. One potential drawback about this is waking up late. There was one examinee in May 2015 who woke up 9:00 am. The start of the examination was usually 8:00 am.

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In any examination, it is always advisable to relax the night before. This will make you fresh during the day of the examination. Sleepiness during exams can make you slower and can affect your focus.

2. They wake up very early.

There are some cases in Civil Service Examinations where examinees sleep early but also wake up very early. This is probably due to excitement (wink) or nervousness or being afraid to be late. However, many of them experienced headache during the day of the examination making it difficult for them to answer the questions.

You can set your alarm clock during the day of the examination. Better still, set two alarm clocks. I usually do this if I have some important appointments. If you wake up too early, at least you can sleep a bit more without being worried.

And it is not advisable to review if you wake up early!

3. They don’t search ahead for the venue.

Many examinees only search for the venue during the day of the examination. Many of them get lost and some even get late. Note that the examiners don’t allow late comers during the exam!

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It is important to know the venue of the Civil Service Examination ahead of time. It is even better to visit the venue before the examination and know some alternative routes as well as traffic conditions. To those who are very far the venue, you can sleep at a friend’s house or even rent a hostel.

And most of all, during the day of the examination, don’t forget your pencil. Simple things count!

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