How to Write Order of Adjectives

Written by Nigina Dustova

We can use more than one adjective before a noun. The order of adjectives in front of a noun is as follows:

1.) quality / opinion + size, etc. The most general adjective usually comes first:
a beautiful large French handmade teak cupboard

2.) size / age / shape / color + where from? + past participle:
a large French handmade cupboard

3.) Where from? + past participle:
a French handmade kitchen cupboard

Or: past participle + where from?
a handmade French kitchen cupboard

We order adjectives according to their meaning. This is the normal order:
1. Opinion (how good?)
2. Size (how big?)
3. Age (how old?)
5. Color (which?)
6. Origin (where from?)
7. Material (made of?)
8. Type (what kind?)
9. Purpose (what for?)

a small green insect (size, color)
Japanese industrial designers (origin, type)
a wonderful new face cream (opinion, age, purpose)
a long boring train journey (size, quality, type)

Exercises: Put the adjectives in proper order. Begin each sentence with I’m looking for…

  1. clock radio – white – Taiwanese – cheap – for my bedside table
  2. polished – beautiful – antique – dining-table – mahogany – English
  3. canvas – American – a pair of – trainers – grey and red – which I can use for jogging
  4. cottage –stone-built – small – old – country
  5. cotton – dress – summer – pink and white – for my holiday


  1. a cheap white Taiwanese clock radio for my bedside table
  2. a beautiful antique English polished mahogany dining-table
  3. a pair of grey and red American canvas trainers which I can use for jogging
  4. a small old stone-built country cottage
  5. a pink and white cotton summer dress for my holiday

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