FREE Civil Service Examination Reviewers

It’s just one day before the examination, so good luck. The last day before the examination is very crucial, so I suggest that you don’t over review, relax a bit in the evening, and sleep early. I have written 5 Things to Do A Day Before the Exam for the details.

For those who want to review more, you may want take a peek at more than 400 pages to access our free civil service examination reviewers.

1.) Math Word Problems contains tutorials about age, number, mixture, motion, work problems and other word problems in Algebra.

2.) Mathematics – contains numerical ability tutorials such as fractions, decimals, percents, equations, GCF, LCM,

3.) English – contains tutorials on grammar, vocabulary, analogy, paragraph organization, and more.

4.) Practice Test – contains practice tests and exercises on different topics.

5.) Post List – contains the complete list of more than 300 civil service review materials.

6.) Videos – contains video Taglish Math Video tutorials.

Again, good luck to all examinees.

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