How to Explore PH Civil Service Exam Reviewer

The PH Civil Service Exam Reviewer website ( has already provided free reviewers for the past two years and so far many testimonials have already reached me that this website has been very useful in this review. Below are some of the useful links within the website that are often ignored or missed especially when browsing using mobile phones.

1.) Math – The math page contains basic concepts in numerical ability such as operations on fractions, decimals,  solving equations, as well as finding areas of geometric figures. This also includes topics like LCM, GCF, and addition of positive and negative integers. If you are not very good in math, I suggest that you start with this page.

2.) Word Problems – The Word Problems page contains detailed tutorials about word problems. This includes number problems, age problems, motion problems, work problems, mixture problems, coin problems, investment problems, ratio problems, digit problems, and more.

3.) English – The English page contains reviewers on vocabulary, grammar and correct usage, and paragaraph organization. It also contains basic grammar tutorials particularly the tenses of the verbs.

4.) Practice Tests – This contains practice tests and exercises on both English and Math topics discussed in the site.

5.) Post List – contains the complete of posts of this website. This includes list of Civil Service Exam Passers.

6.) Videos – Useful videos from Sipnayan for learning mathematics.

Another useful site is the Sipnayan Youtube Channel which contains more than 300 Tagalog Math Tutorial videos. 🙂

Lastly, as a bonus, if you already passed the Civil Service Exam, then you may want to explore our partner website, the Philippine Government Jobs, if you want to work for the Philippine Government.

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