2017 Civil Service Exam Schedule, Qualifications, and Requirements

The official website of the Civil Service Commission has released the schedule for filing and examination for 2017. The schecule are as follows.

Date of Examination: March 12, 2017
Application Period: November 14, 2016 to January 13, 2017

Date of Examination: August 6, 2017
Application Period: April 3, 2017 to June 2, 2017

Below are the qualifications and requirements to those

All applicants must strictly meet the following qualifications requirements:

1. Filipino citizen;

2. At least 18 years old on the date of filing of application;

3. Of good moral character;

4. Has not been convicted by final judgment of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude, or disgraceful or immoral conduct, dishonesty, examination irregularity, drunkenness, or addiction to drugs;

5. Has not been dishonorably discharged from military service, or dismissed for cause from any civilian position in the government; and

6. Has not taken the same level of Career Service Examination, regardless of mode, within the last three months before the date of examination.

1. Fully accomplished Application Form (CS Form No. 100, Revised September 2016).
Note: The spaces for “Signature of Applicant” and “Right Thumbmark” on the Application Form should be left blank. These shall be accomplished in the presence of the CSC processor.

2. Four (4) pieces of identical I.D. pictures with specifications, as follows:
a. Passport size (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm or 1.8 inches x 1.4 inches)
b. Colored, with white background.
c. Taken within three (3) months prior to filing application.
d. Printed on good quality photo paper.
e. In standard close-up shot (from shoulder level up with the head and face occupying at least 80% of the picture and with the name tag positioned at approximately 1 inch or 2.54 cm below the chin)
f. In bare face (with no eyeglasses, colored contact lens, or any accessories that may cover the facial features; facial features not computer enhanced)
g. Showing left and right ears
h. Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera
i. With neutral facial expression, and both eyes open
j. With HANDWRITTEN (not computer-generated) name tag legibly showing SIGNATURE OVER PRINTED FULL NAME in the format: First Name, Middle Initial, Last name, and Extension Name, if any.

3. Original and photocopy of any of the following I.D cards, which must be valid (not expired upon filing of application), and contains the complete name [i.e. first name, middle name/initial (if applicable), last name, and extension name (if any)], clear picture, date of birth (if any) and signature of the holder, and the name and signature of the issuing agency’s head/authorized representative (if any);
a. Driver’s License;
b. Passport;
c. PRC License;
d. SSS I.D;
e. GSIS I.D. (UMID);
f. Voter’s I.D.;
g. BIR I.D. (ATM type/TIN card type with picture);
h. Philhealth I.D. (must, at the least, contain the holder’s name, clear picture, signature and Philhealth number);
i. Current Company/Office I.D.;
j. Current School I.D. (validated for the current school year/semester/trimester);
k. Police Clearance/Police Clearance Certificate;
l. Postal I.D.;
m. Barangay I.D.; or
n. NBI Clearance.

Note: All other I.D. cards not included in the above list shall NOT be accepted.

4. For applicants without date in their I.D. card/s, original and photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA, formerly National Statistics Office), or the Local Civil Registry (LCR) printed on Security Paper (SecPa)
5. For applicants holding dual citizenship under R.A. 9225, original and photocopy of Certification or Retention/Re-acquisition of Philippine Citizenship issued by the Bureau of Immigration
6. Examination fee of Five Hundred Pesos (Php 500.00)

Note: A pdf copy of the requirements can be downloaded here.

Week 11 Review: Answers and Solutions

Below are the solutions to the exercises and about work problems.

Problem 1
Aria can do a job in 7 days. What part of the job is finished after she worked for 3 days?

Aria can do a job in 7 days. So meaning, she can do 1/7 job each day.

1st day – 1/7
2nd day – 1/7
3rd day – 1/7

So, 3(1/7) = 3/7

Answer: 3/7

Problem 2
Katya can do a job in 5 days. Marie can do the same job in 6 days. If they both worked for 1 day, what part of the job is finished?

Katya can do a job in 5 days which means each day 1/5 of the job.
Marie can do a job in 6 days which means each day 1/6 of the job.

Let x = part of the job finished for 1 day

1/5 + 1/6 = 1/x
LCD: 30x

Multiplying both sides of the equation by 30, we have
(30x)(1/5 + 1/6) = (30x)(1/x)
(30x/5) + 30x(1/6) = (30x/x)
6x + 5x = 30
11x = 30
x = 30/11 or 2 8/11
Answer: 2 and 8/11 days.

Problem 3
Ramon can paint a house in 6 days. Ralph can do the same job in 10 days. If they both worked for 2 days, what part of the job is done if they were to work together the whole time?

Ramon = 6 days (or 1/6 part each day)
Ralph = 10 days (or 1/10 part each day)

Let w – part of the job done for 2 days

w = 2(1/6) + 2(1/10)
w = 2/6 + 2/10

LCD: 30

30(2/6 + 2/10)
((30/6)*2)/30 + ((30/10)*2)/30
(5*2)/30 + (3*2)/30
10/30 + 6/30
16/30 or 8/15

8/15 – work done for 2 days.

If they were to worked together, they will finish the work in x days using the equation

1/6 + 1/10 = 1/x

We multiply both sides of the equation which is 30x giving us

30x(1/6) + 30x(1/10) = 30x(1/x)
(30x)/6 + (30x)/10 = (30x/x)
5x + 3x = 30
8x = 30
x = 30/8
x = 15/4

This means that both of them will finish the work in 15/4 days. This means that the amount of worked finished is (8/15)/(15/4) = (8/15)(4/15) = 32/225.

Problem 4
One hose can fill a pool in 3 hours and a smaller hose can fill the same pool in 4 hours. How long will it take the two hoses to fill the entire pool?

Let x – total time to fill the pool

1/3 + 1/4 = 1/x
LCD: 12x

Multiplying both sides by 12x, we have

12x(1/3 + 1/4 = 1/x)12
(12x)/3 + (12x)/4 = 12
4x + 3x = 12
7x = 12
x = 12/7 or 1 5/7 hours

Answer: 1 5/7 hours

Problem 5
Marco can dig a ditch in 5 hours and he and Jimmy can do it in 2 hours. How long would it take Jimmy to dig the same ditch alone?

Let 1/x – Jimmy’s time alone
1/5 – Marco’s time

1/x + 1/5 = 1/2
LCD: 10x
10x(1/x + 1/5) = (10x)(1/2)
10 + 2x = 5x
2x – 5x = -10
-3x = -10
x = -10/-3 or 3 1/3 hrs

Problem 6
Maria can paint a fence in 6 days and Leonora can do the same job in 7 days. They start to paint it together, but after two days, Leonora left, and Maria finishes the job alone. How many days will it take Leonora to finish the job?

Job done by Maria in 2 days = 2/6
Job done by Leonora in 2 days = 2/7
Job done by Maria in the remaining days = x/6

2/6 + 2/7 + x/6 = 1


Multiplying both sides of the equation by 42, we have

42(2/6 + 2/7 + x/6) = (42)(1)
84/6 + 84/7 + (42x)/6 = 42
14 + 12 + 7x = 42
26 + 7x = 42
7x = 42 – 26
7x = 16
x = 16/7 or 2 2/7 days

Problem 7
An inlet pipe can fill a pool in 4 hours. An outlet pipe can fill the same pool in 6 hours. One day, the pool was empty. The owner opened the inlet pipe but forgot to close the outlet pipe. How long will it take to fill the pool?

Let x – hours to fill the pool
1/4 – 1/6 = 1/x
LCD: 12x

(12x)(1/4) – (12x)(1/6) = (12x)(1/x)
(12x)/4 – (12x)/6 = (12x)/x
3x – 2x = 12
x = 12 hours

Notice of School Assignment – October 23, 2016 Civil Service Exam

Attached is the Notice of School Assignment for the October 2016 Civil Service Exam for the Professional level.  Included in the data are your names, the school you are assigned, and your room number.

I strongly suggest that you visit your assigned school before the exam.

Download NOTA: 

Civil Service Exam Reviewer for Math with articles, Taglish video tutorials, and exercises with answers. Pwede pa humabol sa review!














You can also visit the Sipnayan Youtube Channel or the Sipnayan website for Tagalog math video tutorials.

Good luck to all examinees.

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