PCSR Civil Service Exam Review Guide 4

After learning how to subtract fractions, in this review guide we will be learning about multiplication and division of fractions. Watch the video below and read the articles.



A. Multiplication of Fractions

Lesson 1: Multiplication of Fractions (Proper and Improper)
Lesson 2: Multiplication of Fractions (Mixed Fractions)
Lesson 3: Multiplication of Fractions (Shortcut)

B. Division of Fractions

Lesson 1: Division of Fractions (Proper and Improper)
Lesson 2: Division of Fractions (Mixed Fractions)

More videos (Taglish videos from Youtube)


Multiplication of Fractions

  1. How to Multiply Fractions
  2. Practice Exercises on How to Multiply Fractions
  3. Solutions to Practice Exercises

Division of Fractions

  1. How to Divide Fractions
  2. Practice Test on Dividing Fractions


A. Vocabulary

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review Part 4
Tip: Try to memorize the words and use it in your own words.

B. Grammar – The Progressive Tenses

  1. The Present Progressive Tense
  2. The Past Progressive Tense
  3. The Future Progressive Tense

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