Rules in Alphabetic Filing Part 2

In the first part of this series, we have learned the most basic rules in alphabetizing. In this post, we are going to learn the second rule.

Rule 2

Surnames that prefixes or those which are two or more words are filed as one word. Here are some examples.

dela Cruz is filed as delaCruz
del Rosario is filed as delRosario
Sta. Ana is filed as StaAna
D’Genoa is filed as DGeno
Santa Cruz is filed as Santa Ana


Consider the following names to be arranged in alphabetical order.

Sherwin C. dela Cruz
Jaime L. Sta Ana
Fanny F. del Rosario
Karen H. Santa Ana
Ricardo L. D’Genoa

Using Rule 1 from the first part of the series, we arrange the names in the following order: Surname, First Name, M.I.

dela Cruz, Sherwin C.
Sta Ana, Jaime L.
del Rosario, Fanny F.
Santa Ana, Karen H.
D’Genoa, Ricardo L.

Now, alphabetizing the list above, we have the following which is the correct answer.

dela Cruz, Sherwin C.
del Rosario, Fanny F.
D’Genoa, Ricardo L.
Santa Ana, Karen H.
Sta Ana, Jaime L.

As we can see, dela in del Cruz comes before delR in del Rosario. And Santa in Santa Ana comes before Sta in Sta Ana. Now that you have learned the rules, here are some exercises.

Exercise 1: Alphabetize the following names.

May Rose L. de la Vega
Mylene S. del Rosario
Albert M. San Pedro
James H. de los Santos
Camille F. de Asis

Exercise 2: Alphabetize the following names.

Alvin Pedroso de Guzman
Karen Lamsin de la Rosa
Simon Ortega del Rosario
Assi Tan San Juan
Reynante Castillo de Goya

Exercise 3: Alphabetize the following names.

Alena M. del Prado
Catherine S. dela Pena
Vivian S. Coronado
Michelle R. de Balboa
Akeisha M. San Agustin

The following are the correct answer to Exercises 1, 2, and 3 above.

Answer to Exercise 1

de Asis, Camille F.
de la Vega, May Rose L.
de los Santos, James H.
del Rosario, Mylene S.
San Pedro, Albert M.

Answer to Exercises 2

de Goya, Reynante Castillo
de Guzman, Alvin Pedroso
de la Rosa, Karen Lamsin
del Rosario, Simon Ortega
San Juan, Assi Tan

Answer to Exercises 3

Coronado, Vivian S.
de Balboa, Michelle R.
dela Pena, Catherine S.
del Prado, Alena M.
San Agustin, Akeisha M.

That’s it for the second rule in alphabetizing. In the next post, we will learn more about alphabetizing.

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