Rules in Alphabetic Filing Part 3

This the third post in the Alphabetic Filing series. In this post, we are going to discuss the rules when confusion arises in distinguishing first names and last names.

Rule 3

When it is impossible to distinguish which is the first name or the last name, or if there is confusion in the arrangement of the names, file in alphabetically as written. Consider the following examples.

Carlo Bernardo
Jose Mario
Guillermo Mateo
Rosario Leopoldo
Magno Roberto

In the listed names above, it is difficult to distinguish what which are the first names and the surnames. Therefore, we can assume that the second names are the surnames. Thus, when they are alphabetized, they are arranged as follows.

Bernardo, Carlo
Leopoldo, Rosario
Mario, Jose
Mateo, Guillermo
Roberto, Magno

Exercise 1

Leon Rodrigo
Bianca Victoria
Nicolas Romeo
Benedicto Pedro
Jaime Lee

Exercise 2

Marcos Angelo
Felix Patricio
Alberto Rico
Jericho Rodolfo
Camille Maria

Exercise 3

Jorge Enrique
Luis Nico
Angela Gabriella
Daniel Magnus
Jeffrey Lester

Answer to Exercise 1

Lee, Jaime
Pedro, Benedicto
Rodrigo, Leon
Romeo, Nicolas
Victoria, Bianca

Answer to Exercise 2

Angelo, Marcos
Maria, Camille
Patricio, Felix
Rico, Alberto
Rodolfo, Jericho

Answer to Exercise 3

Enrique, Jorge
Gabriella, Angela
Lester, Jeffrey
Magnus, Daniel
Nico, Luis

That’s it for the third rule in alphabetizing. In the next post, we will learn how to file compound and hyphenated names.

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