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Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 17

This is the PCSR 17th vocabulary reviewer. 1.) abrade – verb scrape, wear away by friction Mina’s legs were abraded by rocks during their trekking. 2.) expropriate – verb take possession of Mr. Gomez questioned the government’s right to expropriate his land to build a housing project. 3.) forlorn – adjective sad, lonely Abandoned by… Read More »

August 2017 PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 10

PART I: MATH A. Videos Lesson 1: Introduction to Equations Lesson 2: Solutions to Equations Lesson 3: Properties of Equality Lesson 4: Solving Equations Part 1 Lesson 5: Solving Equations Part 2 Lesson 6: Solving Equations Part 3 Lesson 7: Solving Equations Part 4 Here’s another series of tutorials. How to Solve Equations Part 1… Read More »

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