Civil Service Exam Vocabulary 18

This is the 18th PCSR vocabulary reviewer.

1. Accomplice – noun
Partner in crime

Because Danny kept the stolen money, he was arrested as an accomplice in the robbery.

2. Antediluvian – adjective
Prehistoric, antiquated, extremely ancient

Recent discoveries in the Egypt found the ruins that were believed to be antediluvian.

3. Breach – noun
An act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or code of conduct

Sarah sued Tommy for breaching their child support agreement.

4. Caucus – noun
A closed political meeting

Before the session started, the members held a caucus to select their new leader.

5. Chide – verb
Scold, rebuke, reprimand

When the truth came out, Ms. Milly started to chide his son for stealing.

6. Fret – verb
To be annoyed or vexed, fuss

Don’t fret over your food. Instead, be thankful with what you have.

7. Haggle – verb
Wrangle (over a price, terms of an agreement, etc.), chaffer

The vendor and I are haggling over the shirt’s price.

8. Indolent – adjective
Lazy, otiose

Employees under an indolent boss will probably lose their drive to work.

9. Mollify – verb
Pacify, placate

Mr. Andrews tries to mollify her angry wife by giving her a bouquet of flowers.

10. Penury – noun
Severe poverty, indigence

Mr. Lucas, who’s running for president, promised that he would prioritize those who are living in penury.

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