Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 2 – Set 2

This is the PCSR second vocabulary reviewer.

1. Rue – verb

Regret; lament; sorrow

Annie rued for weeks when her pet died.

2. Longevity – noun

Long life; durability; length of service

Many believed that the environment is a great factor to one’s longevity.

3. Musty – adjective

Covered with or smelling of mold; smelling of damp and decay; stale

I sat in dismay when I found my misplaced snack; and it’s all musty when I found it.

4. Nettle – verb

Annoy; irritate

The boy next door is screaming his lungs out because his little brother is nettling him.

5. Nemesis – noun

An opponent or enemy that is very difficult to defeat.

Grandma always says that death is her nemesis.

6. Bolster – verb

Support; strengthen; reinforce

The lawyer dismissed the case due to lack of evidence to bolster their accusation.

7. Cringe – verb

Shrink; cower; draw back, as with fear or pain

The new nanny cringed when she heard the youngest of the siblings crying his heart out.

8. Disinter – verb

Dig up for reburial or for medical investigation (of dead bodies); uncover; unearth

Archaeologist accidentally found bones while disinterring. They brought the bones in their laboratory to find out how old it was.

9. Homage – noun

Tribute; respect

The students of Yellowbell Foundation conducted concert to pay homage to their founder.

10. Inebriate – adjective

Habitually intoxicated; drunk

Our inebriate neighbors always disturb us. They pick a fight with each other after getting drunk.

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