Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 4 – Set 2

This is the PCSR fourth vocabulary reviewer.

1.) Tempestuous – adjective

Stormy, violent, wild

Their slight misunderstanding turned into a tempestuous argument.

2.) Bovine – adjective

Dull, slow

Nothing can rush Myra; she still acts in a bovine manner even in a middle of an emergency.

3.) Caulk – verb

Seal, block, waterproof

I immediately called the carpenter to caulk the tiles under the basin to prevent flooding.

4.) Sate – verb

Fill, gorge

I took a nap after getting sated.

5.) Roster – noun

List, schedule

The manager printed the roster for the month of October.

6.) Permeate – verb

Pass through, spread, diffuse through
During our Science class, we observed carefully how the water quickly permeated the sand.

7.) Gibberish – verb

Nonsense, babble, prattle

“Here I am again, listening to your gibberish argument.” Rommel said to himself while listening to his drunken friend.

8.) Incessant – adjective

Uninterrupted, non-stop

The incessant barking of the dogs disturbed the neighborhood.

9.) Combustible – adjective

Flammable, explosive

After the recent fire accident, the Fire Inspector ordered to keep all the combustible materials in a safe place.

10.) Loath – verb

Detest, opposed

PUV drivers conducted a nationwide strike to show how much they loathed the government.

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