Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 5 – Set 2

This is the PCSR fifth vocabulary reviewer.

1.) Adulation– noun

Servile flattery, exaggerated and hypocritical praise, excessive admiration and praise

The grand winner found it difficult to cope with the adulation of the fans.

2.) Bleak– adjective

Unfavorable, unpromising, black, dim

After their break-up, Mary paints a bleak picture of her future.

3.) Excoriate – verb

Censure of criticize severely, scold with biting harshness

Arman’s father furiously excoriated him after being involved in a gang war.

4.) Flux – noun

Following, series of changes

According to Lester, “Technology is in state of flux”, that’s why he cannot cope with it easily.

5.) Gourmet – noun

Connoisseur of food and drink

The culinary students were inspired to pursue their dreams after hearing the speech of a well-known gourmet.

6.) Importune – verb

Beg persistently, ask pressingly

Desperate to win the pageant, the contestant importuned her fans to vote for her.

7.) Pastiche– noun

An artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work; piece of writing or music made up of borrowed bits and pieces

Gemma’s art teacher was very disappointed after finding out that the idea she claimed to be original was a pastiche of the plays and movies she had watched.

8.) Petty – adjective

Trivial, unimportant

“We have no major complaints on this hotel’s service, only a few petty remarks that are too minor to state”, says the guest while giving her feedback.

9.) Repudiate – verb

Renounce, disown, reject

Chris disobeyed his parents and was repudiated.

10.) Salvage – verb

Rescue from loss, relieve, save

All efforts are being made to salvage the sinking ship.

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