Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 6 – Set 2

This is the PCSR sixth vocabulary reviewer.

1.) Carnal– adjective

Fleshly, sensual

“People nowadays are more interested in carnal pleasures than spiritual matters”, Fr. Julyo said during his Sunday sermon.

2.) Declivity– adjective

Downward slope or bend

The kids are having fun skiing down the declivity.

3.) Heckler – noun

Person who harasses others; someone who tries to embarrass you with gibes and questions and objectives.

Senator Cruz’s face turned red when he was interrupted by a heckler during his speech.

4.) Jostle – verb

Shove, bump into/against

When Superstar Maine’s cover was blown, she was jostled by the crowds.

5.) Mellifluous – adjective

Pleasing to the ear

The mellifluous tones of the piano put the baby to sleep.

6.) Protocol – noun

Diplomatic etiquette; code of correct conduct

We should follow safety protocols to avoid accident.

7.) Rhapsodize– verb

Speak or write about something with great enthusiasm and delight.

Kelly was so ecstatic after meeting her idol. She rhapsodized about it for weeks.

8.) Saturnine – adjective


They often call Ronald “Mr. Mysterious” because of his saturnine countenance and watchful eyes.

9.) Soliloquy – noun

Talking to oneself; monologue

Dina uses the soliloquy as a device to reveal the emotion of the character she needs to portray.

10.) Waif – noun

Homeless, orphaned

Because he was once a waif, Gino founded an orphanage to help the homeless and abandoned children.

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