Rule 6 Alphabetizing Exercise

Rule 6 Alphabetizing Exercise

a) Gen. Mc Arthur
b) Sis. Grace
c) Ms. Ludovice
d) Ptr. Romy
e) Capt. Gordon

a) Engr. Rivera
b) Atty. Carbonel
c) Fr. Ambrocio
d) Atty. Lao
e) Bro. Junjun

a) Pen and Paper Bookstore Inc.
b) Pepper and Lemon Fastfood Inc.
c) Seven Island Co.
d) Ace Mfg. Corp.
e) Sis. Bubbles Laundry Shop

a) Fifth Ave.
b) Masaya St.
c) Ice Cream Cor.
d) Quezon Blvd.
e) San Juan Brg.

a) Ft. Bonifacio
b) Flaming Fleming Food Co.
c) Dr. Tooth Fairy Dental Clinic
d) Sixth St. Computer Shop
e) Ms. Mendoza’s Review Center


1) e-a-c-d-b
2) b-d-e-a-c
3) d-a-b-c-e
4) a-c-b-d-e
5) c-b-a-e-d

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