Rules in Alphabetic Filing Part 4

This is the fourth post in the Alphabetic Filing series. In this post, we are going to learn how to file those hyphenated and compound names.

Rule 4

Hypenated and compound last names are treated as one word. Ignore the hypen (-) and file the two words as one unit. Consider the following examples:

Luna F. Ag-non
Mara S. Dela Vega
Jonna P. Delos Reyes
Lando D. San Pedro

They are filed as:

Agnon, Luna F.
Delavega, Mara S.
Delosreyes, Jonna P.
Sanpedro, Lando D.

Now, try the following exercises.

Exercise 1

Madison Y. Dela Cruz
Noel M. Jagan-an
Lani S. Santa Ana
Bernadeth A. Delos Santos
Micca H. San Carlos

Exercise 2

Lorena S. Delos Reyes
Gino R. San Pedro
Joel M. Santa-fe
Lea O. Dela Costa
Miriam B. Alapa-ap

Exercise 3

Celestine N. Dagas-das
Junior R. Quintos Deles
Helen L. Villa Roman
Angel V. Eli-pajo
Maya C. Baqui-ran

Answer to Exercise 1

Delacruz, Madison Y.
Delossantos, Bernadeth A.
Jaganan, Noel M.
Sancarlos, Micca H.
Santaana, Lani S.

Answer to Exercise 2

Alapaap, Miriam B.
Delacosta, Lea O.
Delosreyes, Lorena S.
Sanpedro, Gino R.
Santafe, Joel M.

Answer to Exercise 3

Baquiran, Maya C.
Dagasdas, Celestine N.
Elipajo, Angel V.
Quintosdeles, Junior R.
Villaroman, Helen L.

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