Rules in Alphabetic Filing Part 5

In the previous post we have learned how to file compound and hyphenated surnames. In this post, we are going to learn how to file names with professional or personal titles.

Rule 5

Titles which are an intrinsic part of the name are considered as the first unit. Consider the following examples:

Princess Diana
Mother Theresa
King Arthur
Pastor Ed
Prince Harry

They are filed as:

King Arthur
Mother Theresa
Pastor Ed
Prince Harry
Princess Diana

But when a title of a person is added to a full name, it should be considered as last unit. Look at these examples:

Senator Panfilo Lacson
Congressman Art Dela Cruz
Attorney Jerry Villar
Doctor Hannah Villegas
Miss Lovely Pedroso

They are filed as:

Delacruz, Art Congressman
Lacson, Panfilo Senator
Pedroso, Lovely Miss
Villar, Jerry Attorney
Villegas, Hannah Doctor

Also, other titles appendages such as Sr., Jr., II., Mrs. Ph.D are also considered as the last name. Examples:

Teodoro, Albero II.
Candelaria, Jenny Mrs.
Lapuz, Ted PhD

Lastly, firm names beginning with a title should be indexed and filed as Title – (Company name). Examples:

Dr. Strange Computer Shop
Ms. Minchin’s Munchkins
Mr. Lova Laundry Shop

They are filed as:

Doctor Strange Computer Shop
Miss Minchin’s Munchkins
Mister Lova Laundry Shop

Now, try these following exercise:

Exercise 1

Father Matthew
Madam Claudia
Mistress Mary
Attorney Marra Sy
President Jaime Ramos

Exercise 2

Professor Eugene Dominguez
Mayor Robert Ambrosio
Chancellor Albert Gonzaga
Mr. Andy Smith
Ramon P. Bautista Jr.

Exercise 3

Atty. Max Moreno Law Office
Dr. Lemon Fruit Juice
Mr. Pepper Bakeshop
Mr. Clean Laundry Shop
Master Fix-it Computer Shop

Answer to Exercise 1

Father Matthew
Madam Claudia
Miss Mary
Ramos, Jaime President
Sy, Marra Attorney

Exercise 2

Ambrosio, Robert Mayor
Bautista, Ramon P.  Jr.
Dominguez, Eugene Professor
Gonzaga, Albert Chancellor
Smith, Andy Mr.

Exercise 3

Attorney Max Moreno Law Office
Doctor Lemon Fruit Juice
Master Fix-it Computer Shop
Mister Clean Laundry Shop
Mister Pepper Bakeshop

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